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Athen / Griechen-land

In Athen gibt es einige Gemeindezentren, die auf die Nöte vor Ort eingehen und ein besonderes Augenmerk auf die Flüchtlingen richten, die in Griechenland ankommen. Komm‘ und helfe in ganz praktischen Tätigkeiten, z.B. Spenden sortieren, Englisch zu unterrichten oder Kinderprogramme durchzuführen. 


'Greece is on the front-lines of the refugee crisis.'

Athens - Greece

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Many countries have been greatly impacted by the mass refugee migration out of Syria, Iraq and surrounding countries, Greece in particular has been one of the nations at the front-lines of the crisis.

The Mission Adventures team will serve in local community centres which provide much needed food, clothes, and English classes to refugees. When not volunteering at one of the centres, the team will spend some time praying over the city of Athens and interceding for the Refugee crisis; doing creative evangelism on the beaches through sports, face-painting, dramas etc; and helping in some practical ways such as sorting clothing donations. 


The team will also have the opportunity to visit Mars Hill which is where Paul famously preached in Acts 17.

On their day off the team might hit the beach or take in some of the historical sights around the city. Depending on the size of the team, accommodation may be in either a guesthouse owned by YWAM Athens, at different apartments or ministries owned by local churches, or an AirBNB location which is commonly used. 


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